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Summer is for spending more time in your garden. The time there can be even more enjoyable if you have an outdoor fireplace. You may wonder how to choose the right one if there is such a wide range of outdoor fireplaces on the market. We are here to help you find your perfect burner and enhance your outside area. All you need to do is to follow the questions below.

Why Outdoor Fireplace

You may ask: Do I need a fireplace in my backyard? And without hesitation, we answer: YES, you do! A garden fireplace creates a magnificent ambience in your outdoor space Also, it helps keep your patio looking and feeling great. It brings a touch of luxury. It’s a primal instinct that tells you to gather around the fire. It’s up to you if you choose the linear fire decoration featured by Galio Black or you prefer a piece of furniture with real flames in the centre (Square Table). Real flames will make your summer evening last longer.

Can I Have an Outdoor Fireplace if My Patio is Small

Planika comes with outdoor fireplaces in various sizes. Except for the biggest models like Galio 2000 or Galio Star Corten, you can find smaller devices. For small patios, you can choose column ethanol fireplaces (Totem), gas patio heaters (Faro, Lighthouse) or tabletop ethanol burners (Chantico Glassfire, Dancing Flames, Simple). Chantico – the smallest tabletop fireplace and Faro – patio heater became the Instagram stars and the season’s bestsellers. For medium size terraces, Planika comes with little fire pits: Square and linear Rio.

Do Garden Fireplace Give Off Heat

All outdoor fireplaces by Planika emit heat as the flames are natural and real. The heat emission depends on the fuel type. Although, compared to gas burners, ethanol fireplaces appear to be more decorative items. Their heat output is about 2,5 kW and it may be perceptible better on roofed terraces and inside the house (ethanol commerce burners may be used indoors as well!)

On the other hand, gas fireplaces become a great outdoor decoration with heating function. The heat emission can be regulated with the flame size (and the heat consumption in the same time). The maximum output of the biggest gas fireplace (Galio 2000) can reach even 16,5 kW.

Can You Put a Garden Fireplace on Deck

The answer is each and every. All Planika’s outdoor freestanding products are ready to be placed on deck. The construction of fireplaces is adapted to this thanks to special wheels or legs under the fireplace.

Does an Outdoor Fireplace Need a Chimney

Planika garden fireplaces never need a chimney. No matter if you choose ethanol or a gas burner, you always get a flueless technology dedicated to outdoor use.

How Much Outdoor Fireplace Cost

Garden fireplaces prices depend on many factors: size, fuel type, finishing material. We make sure that every ordered item is properly assembled and made of the best quality components. The smallest tabletop burners are available for 199 EUR. The minimum cost of the standard patio heaters is 455 EUR. 1-meter-long Galio insert is available for 935 EUR. The custom made outdoor fireplaces are priced individually.

Where Can I Buy an Outdoor Fireplace

Our freestanding fireplaces are available online at For outdoor area projects involving garden inserts, contact out Project Department [email protected]

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