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Milestone installing a fireplace on yacht

We are proud to announce that our flagship product- the FLA 3 has become a part of the Serenity – Mondomarine SF40 Superyacht’s interior design.For the first time in history, you can enjoy real, dancing flames while traveling across the world on the deck of a luxury yacht.

Until this very moment, fireplaces installed on yachts meant worrying about the maintenance, which disturbed the comfort one is looking for while sailing into the everlasting sea. Thanks to the FLA 3, the new era begins. As our customers value privacy, and enjoy time spent outdoors socializing with friends and family around water, creating a fireplace that would be both safe and suitable for luxury yachts was a matter of great importance to us.

Planika’s Fire Line Automatic 3 is a very unique and technologically advanced fireplace. Being an exceptional addition to sailing units, it creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere with a touch of luxury. Thanks to hassle-free usage and clean combustion, the FLA 3 is a perfect solution when one wants to enjoy fire without having to think about the maintenance. Safety sensors ensure undisturbed operation and serenity everyone seeks while sailing across the ocean.

With this project we have entered into completely new level of fireplace arrangement, which will hopefully create a new trend in the yacht market.

Photo courtesy Mondomarine – Aberto Cocchi

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