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Bespoke fireplace for unlimited arrangement possibilities

Have you ever looked for a fireplace which is a perfect fit for your design? With no hard connections and exhaust system requirement, Planika offers unlimited arrangement possibilities to turn any interior design idea into reality. Enhance your project with real flames of FLA3.

Advanced bespoke fireplace solutions

Modern fireplace designs applies not only to the visual aspects of the fireplace but also to the advanced technological solutions. Creating a long line of real fire wouldn`t be possible without Burning Ethanol Vapours (BEV) technology, which ensures the highest level of safety, fuel combustion efficiency and allows the presentation of a unique fire – natural, golden flame with ideal shape and height. Planika proves, that fireplaces are not only about wood, old style, …and boredom. The fireplace means innovation and uniqueness – it is a real fire in a modern home décor. The long line of fire is an excellent fireplace solution offering a world of possibilities.

Patented net-zero technology

FLA3 appears to be the real fireplace of the future as its combustion is absolutely zero-emission. Recently most countries are imposing restrictions on the burning of wood and fossil fuels such as gas. Planika, with its BEV technology, remains the only eco-friendly version of real fire indoors. No fumes mean no need to install a chimney. That opens new possibilities for the fireplace arrangements. With its dedicated casing, you can choose whether you would like to have real flames in a wall, piece of furniture or a solid pedestal.

Custom made fireplace line

FLA3 ethanol insert comes in 6 standard lengths. Even though 2490 mm is the maximum size, it does not mean that you cannot make it longer. If your project involves a longer than 2,5m line of real flames, you can place several units together. That allows the creation of an endless fire line for your open fireplace. Take a look at the impressive project – Restaurant Izel in Conrad Hotel in Dubai.

The owner wanted a fireplace as the main decoration of the room, so Planika created an 8-meter fire line – four modules joined together, 2 meters long each. The restaurant staff control the fireplace from the reception via Wi-Fi or a remote. On less-busy days in the restaurant, they can optimize fuel consumption by turning separate modules off. 

A custom fireplace is a unique and exclusive feature, suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Every linear fire regardless of the length, is operable with a single remote control or mobile device.

Bespoke fireplace shapes and finishing

We use the BEV technology in fireplaces with dedicated FORMA casings that give you the possibility to install our automatic ethanol inserts in 6 shapes: single-sided, corner(double-sided), three sided, see through (tunnel), peninsula (room divider).

These casings allow you to build in the whole solution in walls made of any solid materials – even wood. You can also finish the wall with the fireplace even with the flammable materials, even wood or wallpaper or hang your favourite plasma TV above it.

What is your dream fireplace?

Would you like your fireplace to be see-through, or do you prefer real flames in the wall with a tv above it?

Or maybe you are dreaming of an impressive and extremely long line of real flames?

Or do you want the hassle-free fireplace that you control with the mobile app from the comfort of your sofa?

Our team of professionals will be excited to hear about your project and find the perfect fire solution for you. Do not hesitate and contact us directly. Send enquiry now

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