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At the beginning of September 2016 Planika once again took the opportunity to present its unique bio fireplaces on the International Maison Objet Fair in Paris.

In collaboration with Haifu, a furniture company from Haiti, we prepared an elegant and original display presenting not only our well-known Fire Line Automatic, but also introducing some innovative ideas and solutions. Our team was happy to answer all the questions and share their knowledge about these special bio fireplaces we offer to our clients.

The newest products introduced during the exhibition were Tondo and Faro Commerce, fuelled with organic, ethanol-based Fanola and although coming from the outdoor collection, they both can be used indoors. Made of weather resistant materials, they are also easily portable and light. They provide a real flame without generating any ash, smell or smoke at all. Using Commerce technology, which prevents the fuel from spilling, Tondo and Faro Commerce make a perfect choice for those who seek both stylish and practical solutions for their commercial spaces or homes.

Beside introducing what’s new, we were very proud to one more time present our most intelligent and luxurious item – Fire Line Automatic. Combining modern technology and design, it needs no hard connections and can be arranged in an endless line of fire by connecting multiple units. Contrary to traditional fireplaces, it generates no ash or smoke, leaving your interior smell-free and clean. You can control your FLA with any Smart Home system or by any mobile device through Wi-Fi. It is also very safe, as every model is equipped with Child Lock system and other safety sensors. All this makes Fire Line Automatic very unique and special, matching all kinds of luxurious and tasteful interiors.

Events like Maison & Objet in Paris are always a great source of inspiration and the place to be for our team. Thanks to the collaboration with Haifu and our dedicated staff, this was another exhibition which appears to have been a huge success for our company. One more time we had a chance to enjoy sharing our passion for the combination of technology and design which, in its effect, gives us such luxurious and innovative products.

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