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Planika’s annual meeting with architects

It has already become an annual tradition for Planika to organise an event during which we are able to share our ideas and introduce new products. On our guest list you can find not only top architects, interior designers and distributors, but also people dedicated to the company and responsible for its success-meaning our hardworking team.


This year’s edition was held in June in Begur, Spain.

Invited guests experienced an amazing time exchanging ideas and learning more about Planika’s offer. We had arranged our products: Jar, Totem, Gustav, Pyramid, Bubble and Simple around the poolside so that it was clear how easy it is to add a pinch of luxury to any outdoor space. As all the dealers grew interest in our extended offer, Planika is most likely to soon open a distribution network in Girona, Spain.

The most important part of the evening was the premiere of our latest product, GaLio Corten, a ready to use gas fireplace which requires no additional construction. It is made of weather resistant materials and allows an unlimited number of arrangements, matching any landscape layout.

What we are constantly working on is bringing the idea of what our products are a bit closer. At our event in Begur we couldn’t miss the chance to tell our guests about some of the innovative technologies which are used. Our team prepared demonstration on how the commerce system works, preventing the fuel from spilling even if the fireplace was pushed or knocked down. Using this system allows Planika’s bio fireplaces meet the highest safety standards.

All the guests were impressed with how our offers have developed over time. Being able to widen the range of possibilities and adjusting to individual needs is highly appreciated among our clients.

Everyone left Planika’s yearly event in Spain pleased and impressed, with their heads full of new inspirations. We are happy we could share our idea of good taste combined with latest technologies once again.

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