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Bio fireplaces

Once we reached the top in the bio fireplaces industry, we started looking for new paths to extend our offer. Answering our clients’ needs we started working on gas fireplace technology, for those who wish to use gas within their fireplace design but still desire the combination of high-tech and top-notch design.

Today we are proud to present the first indoor gas fireplace by Planika – Valentino. Offered in two standard lengths (1000mm and 1300mm) and differing in installation of anti-reflective glass, it gives the user versatile arrangement possibilities. We also prepared naturally looking logs and ashes alike material for those who prefer more traditional design.

Our new gas product can be installed in a room of any size. As always when it comes to Planika’s fireplaces, numerous sensors guarantee safe and comfortable use. Valentino is easily operated with remote control, Smart Home System or via mobile devices thanks to Wi-Fi. 15 levels of flame height and an advanced thermostat make it easy to control the temperature in the room which results in efficient heat consumption. Because Valentino is not only decorative, but also a heating appliance.

It runs on LPG or natural gas and we provide you with modes Eco Flow and Module Division to reduce gas consumption. Also, the device itself will remind you when the scheduled service is due with appropriate time to arrange conveniently. We also equipped it with a front heat catcher for those who’d like to have other items (eg. TV) installed above the fireplace.

With its excellent features and name inspired by the legendary film star, the Valentino fireplace by Planika represents good taste and an innovative approach to the idea of fireplaces using gas. We are proud to deliver another way to get real fire in the interior, taking a step towards solutions other than bio ethanol. From now on we have both and we will keep working on adjusting our fireplaces to your specific needs.

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